Aqua-Therm Original Wood Boiler

The  Aqua-Therm Original was first introduced in 1983 and, while many improvements have been made along the way, is still keeping thousands of satisfied customers warm today.

Solid, reliable design and construction, great performance, affordability, and a  Limited Lifetime Warranty have made these boilers popular with our customers.

The Aqua-Therm Original features a rear mounted, fan forced air draft for increased burning efficiency and more complete fuel burn, as well as a heavy duty 409 Stainless Steel Inner Firebox for long life and superior corrosion resistance.

Aqua-Therm Original boilers are available either  Unsheltered or  Sheltered and in three sizes to provide lots of hot water for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications.  A high capacity firebox and large loading door can handle long logs saving you sawing and splitting time.