Eco-One™ Wood Boiler

The  Eco-One Wood Fired Boiler improves on our  Aqua-Therm Original boiler by integrating an additional front door mounted forced draft fan. This secondary draft forces air downward along the length of the firebox, greatly reducing emissions. More efficient, cleaner burning, and with a  Limited Lifetime Warranty,  the Eco-One Wood Boiler is a favorite with customers wanting an outdoor boiler.

The Eco-One also features a heavy duty 409 Stainless Steel Inner Firebox for long life and superior corrosion resistance.

Eco-One Boilers are available either  Unsheltered or  Sheltered and in three sizes, providing the right amount of hot water for a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. A high capacity firebox and over-sized loading door can easily handle large logs, saving you sawing and splitting time.